Hi There! It's a really beautiful day buddy! As an introduction, We're happy to share how we ended up running this project to empower more people.

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Applied Learning Method

Enviro-Cultural Approach
Vocational Training
Creativity Boost

Coastal Leader Incubator

Leadership is one of the keys which empowers people to work hand in hand as a community. Through our incubator class, we want to persuade coastal young leaders to do great things to the coastal environment.

Rural Coastal Edu-Shelter

Educational resources are the foundation of a good quality learning process. This program aims to build a marine and fisheries-based education shelter which provide free books rental for coastal kids.

Marine and Fisheries Inspiration Class

For us, a great paradigm for the better coastal environment has to be taught since very young age. That’s why we teach elementary students marine and fisheries ecology through a creative platform such as art, board games, music etc.

Fisheries Food Processing Class

One of our dedication to empowering women in a fisheries-based food business sector. Starting from the table, we believe that food is the main human needs that create productive life.

A Journal of Schoove

#SchooveRangersStory – Di Salah Satu Sudut Nusa Tenggara Timur

Di salah satu sudut Nusa Tenggara Timur, saya harus belajar banyak pada anak anak pesisir. Di tengah bising ombak yang bertabrakan dan menjadi buih, kami duduk dan saling bercerita. Nelson bercerita tentang bagaimana penyu-penyu dimakan pada mulanya, lalu diselamatkan oleh kerjasama adat dan pemerintah. Hingga mereka sangat bersemengat sekali untuk melindungi penyu sebagai bagian dari […]

#SchooveRangersStory – A Year later!

We still can’t believe that We have gone too far than we have been expected before. Here, we are very happy to pass our first year and now we still growing the seeds. As a part of celebrating our first year, we want to back to when we started. But this is not interesting story. heuu […]

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